Red Raw – Milchzapfen

Milchzapfen (“Milk Icicle”)

[Pronounced: Milk-tsa-pfen]


This unique cheese is produced in the form of a large salami, made from fresh raw milk. Originating in the mountainous region of the canton Zurich it is ripened in a hanging position in a vaulted cellar where the white mould grows naturally thanks to the perfect climate. It enjoys a mild to aromatic taste with a hint of white mould.

OriginSwitzerland: Hinwil, Canton Zurich
MilkRaw cow’s milk
Maturation3 months
UseTable cheese. Girolle cheese.

This cheese can also be used on a Girolle that is normally used for the Tête de Moine:

Milchzapfen on Girolle
Milchzapfen on Girolle
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