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Saturday 18 April is Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day

Traditional cheese lovers everywhere have cause to celebrate on April 18th, 2015, designated the world’s first Raw-Milk Cheese Appreciation Day.

The Cheese of Choice Coalition and the prestigious Guilde Internationale des Fromagers are teaming up for this new worldwide holiday. Cheese enthusiasts from Melbourne to Manhattan, Milan to Montreal, are encouraged to participate in events celebrating the distinctiveness and cultural heritage of raw-milk cheese.

Since cheese was first discovered many millennia ago it has been made with pure raw milk. In fact, it was only in the last century that cheese began to be made with pasteurized milk. Traditional cheesemaking was a way of preserving fluid milk that in the millennia before refrigeration was prone to spoilage in just a few short days. The natural microflora in raw-milk produces cheese – such as Comte, Le Gruyère, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Roquefort, and many other originals – that are characteristic of local environments, expressive of terroir, evocative of complex flavours, and beneficial to health. Raw-milk cheeses are not only delicious; they’re nutritious. Scientific studies reveal that, when consumed in moderation, cheese is a tremendous way to add healthy fats, minerals, vitamins and probiotics to your diet.

The Red Cow is – of course – also participating in this worldwide event with our extensive range of raw milk cheese. To celebrate the day we’ve organised a number of tastings across the country where you can taste raw milk cheese first hand. The following retailers participate with specially organised tastings of our raw milk varieties on Saturday, 18 April:


  • Spring St Grocer, Melbourne CBD
  • Leo’s Fine Food & Wine, Kew
  • Bill’s Farm, Queen Victoria Market



  • The Smelly Cheese Shop, Adelaide Central Market



  • Stinking Bishop, Newfarm



  • Little Cheese Shop, Bayswater


See our ‘where to buy‘ page for exact addresses of the above retailers

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