Raclette /rəˈklɛt/ is a semi-hard cow’s milk cheese that is usually fashioned into a wheel of about 6 kg. It is most commonly used for melting and doubles as one of the most iconic Swiss dishes based on heating the cheese and scraping off (from French: racler) the melted part.

Choose from a wide range of different Swiss raclette cheese and utensils.

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  • Half wheel raclette machine Ambiance

    Raclette machine for half wheels

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  • melted or on its own, Raclette from Switzerland

    Swiss Raclette

    $54.90 kg
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  • Swiss Raclette – Berghof

    $64.90 kg
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  • Tasmanian mountain pepper meets Swiss raclette in this rare version of melted cheese goodness

    Swiss Raclette – Berghof with Tasmanian Mountain Pepper

    $74.90 kg
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