Fondue Set ‘Sierra’ by Swissmar


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11 piece enamel Fondue Set made from durable cast iron by Swissmar

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Fondue Recipe Book by Swissmar

Fondue Recipe Book

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Enameled cast iron fondue pot; rests on rechaud/stand or can be used at stovetop. These beautiful fondues are the ultimate in versatility ideal for cheese, meat and chocolate!

Having graduated well beyond the 1960s culinary craze, fondue cooking remains a creative way to gather friends at the table for a deliciously entertaining experience. Swissmar’s Sierra 11-piece meat fondue set specializes in heating oil or broth to an even, consistent temperature for dipping bite-sized dinner treats such as beef, chicken, seafood, or pork.

Crafted of enameled cast iron, the wide, straight-sided pot holds a generous 1.6l of liquid and can be preheated on a stovetop or warmed directly over the fondue flame. Cast iron is an ideal choice for meat cooking, as it works well at both low and high temperatures and, though it takes a few minutes to heat up, provides excellent heat distribution and retention. The matching rechaud stands on three sturdy legs with high arches between to easily access the paste/gel fuel burner.

Below, a handsome light wood base is carved with a groove to securely hold the entire fondue set while protecting tabletops from heat and drips. When the liquid inside is bubbling nicely, it’s time to dig in. For safe, cool handling, there are two large handles as well as a removable splatter guard that fits snugly on the pot with slots for the six forks. Diners choose a color on the tip of each fork so it’s easy to identify and store even when there’s much dipping and stirring (not to mention talking and laughing!).

For multipurpose usage, simply remove the splatter guard and lower the heat to melt cheese, or use the pot as a warmer for appetizers, buffet items, chili, or soup. Available in an array of bright colors including red, blue, white, and orange, this fondue set has a cheerful presence that suits its inviting, communal purpose.

Assembled, the set measures 21cm high by 20cm in diameter, and wide handles assist in transporting the 17cm pot. Easy recipes are included to get the party started. Can be used on all heat sources – easy to clean. Capacity 1.6l. Gift boxed.

  • Best suited for meat fondues but can be used for cheese or chocolate fondues – just remove the spatter guard
  • Set includes: cast iron pot, removable spatter guard, rechaud, fondue burner, wood base, 6 x 24 cm fondue forks (color coded)
  • Pot capacity: 1.6l (approx. 6 cups)
  • Enamel coating makes it easy to clean
  • Pot provides even heat distribution, which makes it ideal for cooking at high and low temperatures, as you won’t get any hot spots
  • Can be used on all heat sources

Can be used with fire starter gel (for example available at Bunnings) or other burning fuel.

Free Bonus Recipe

Plus – for a limited time – get the Swissmar Fondue Recipe book valued at $29.95 for free with this fondue set!

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Dimensions 39 × 24 × 28 cm


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