Grated Cheese Mix

$65.95 - $69.90 / kg

Grated cheese mix of your choice with up to 3 different cheeses

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Mix your own grated cheese. Be it for quiches, gratins or fondue, you define which cheese you would like in your mix and how much of it.

How does it work?

  1. Simply define the cheeses in the selector (1 means 1 part of that cheesem 2 means 2 parts and so on; e.g. if you select 1 with the first cheeses and 2 for the second cheese, you will get a mix containing 2/3 of cheese 2 and 1/3 of cheese 1).
  2. Then define the required weight. The more you order the cheaper the price.
  3. Click on ‘add to cart’ and you’re all set

All cheese is cut with a ‘fondue shaver’ cutter which produces thin, square flakes that melt easily.

This product is suitable for freezing and comes with a shelf life of approx. 1 month best before date. It is packed in vacuum sealed bags.


How the cheese gets to you

All Alpine Express cheese are shipped in environmentally friendlier, insulated cardboard boxes. The cheese is bolstered with recycled packing paper & kept cold with an food grade ice gel pack. It is shipped via Australia Post's Express Post service. Please check if your delivery postcode is part of it, or see Australia Post's Express Delivery Estimator (origin is 'Brisbane Metro'). Customers residing in the Brisbane Metro area can also arrange a free pick-up from our prep kitchen at The Small Crop, Wynnum or choose the local courier service in which case dispatch and delivery will be on Thursdays (through same day delivery).

Unless noted otherwise, all Cheese Boxes are sent on Wednesdays with an order cut-off time at 9am (Sydney time) that day. You will get a tracking number to follow your parcel's progress.

Do you have any other questions? Check our FAQs for additional information or write to us via our contact form.


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