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Willi’s Büffel Trüffel

It takes a very good cheese maker to deal with some of the most expensive ingredients you can find. Willi Schmid certainly fits that criteria very well and his creation, the Büffel Trüffel is another showcase of his immense talent.

The cheese certainly is very unique – it is made from buffalo milk and local, black truffles and matured for 3 to 4 months at Willi’s own maturing cellar in Lichtensteig (Toggenburg). The buffalo milk comes from a small herd of Italian water buffalo shared between two farmers that are located not far from Zurich in Switzerland. The milk is brought to Willi Schmid where it is made into this gorgeous cheese. The end result is a superb cheese with a creamy texture, teeming with that amazing black truffle flavour.

But let’s get Willi to tell us a bit more about his creation:

Where can you find it?
This cheese is currently available at Leo’s Fine Food & Wine in Kew, Victoria.