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Original Zigerhörnli Recipe

Zigerhörnli made with Glarner Schabziger

This recipe is a traditional dish from canton Glarus in Switzerland. The original Zigerhörnli use Schabziger available in our online shop and at selected retailers. Try it out, it’s a rustic, simple yet delicious dish suitable for the whole family.


400 g eggshell / short pasta
1 tbsp of chicken broth powder

For the sauce 
2 tbsp butter
50 g onions, diced thinly
300 ml light cream / cream
50 g Swiss Emmentaler or Gruyère, finely grated
150 g Schabziger, finely grated 
Freshly ground pepper
2 bunch chives, finely cut 
Roasted onions 
1 tbsp butter butter 
4 medium sized onions, cut into thin strips
1 pinch of sugar


  • Cook the pasta in the chicken stock al dente, drain into a sieve and strain with cold water.
  • For the sauce, sauté the onions in butter, add cream and Emmentaler/Gruyère, heat slowly while stirring, stir in the Schabziger, season with nutmeg and pepper.
  • For the roasted onions, melt the butter, add the onions and place over medium heat while stirring, add pepper and sugar to taste. 
  • Add the pasta to the sauce, heat. Stir in the chives. Sprinkle onions over top and serve.

Recipe translated from

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Join us for Raw Milk Cheese Day

Saturday 21 April is International Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day
Tomorrow Saturday, 21 April 2018 is International Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day. Raw milk cheeses are unique in flavor, history, and carry on traditional cheesemaking practices. Producers who make them are passionate about craftsmanship and animal husbandry. Their cheeses represent years, even decades, of knowledge and thoughtful innovation to better their products.

By joining in celebration you recognize cheeses made with raw milk, as part of our collective culinary heritage.

So how can you join these celebrations?

  • Visit one of our retailers for their special display and promotion of raw milk cheese. For example: Boccaccio Supa IGA Balwyn/Melbourne VIC has special tastings tomorrow from 10am to 1pm. Little Cheese Shop in Bayswater/Perth, Western Australia is featuring our uniquely crafted raw milk cheeses throughout the day.
  • Purchase raw milk cheese from your favourite deli and celebrate the day by eating it (remember, that all Gruyère AOP from Switzerland, all Swiss Emmental AOP and all Tête de Moine are raw milk wherever you buy them. For other cheeses see our product details or ask your cheesemonger).
  • Looking for unique, hard to find raw milk cheese? Then you’re best to visit our own online shop. We’re even giving you 20% off these cheeses until next Thursday*. For example try the new Cinderella cheese that is made with blackened Cyprus sea salt, made with unpasteurised raw milk of course.
  • Post a picture of your favourite raw milk cheese to social media and tag them with #rawcheeseday

Happy Raw Milk Cheese Day everyone!
*Promotion is valid for all individual raw milk cheese excluding packs and combos as well as Sélection Rolf Beeler cheese. Valid until midnight Thursday, 26 April 2018 AEST or until sold out.

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Win 1 of 10 Swiss cheese pocket knives

This is your chance to secure a Swiss icon with a cheesy twist: During the entire month of January we’re giving away 10 unique Swiss cheese pocket knifes.

For each $10 worth of products you spend online during January we’re giving you 1 entry into the draw of these knives. All you have to do is purchase your cheese with us and you’re automatically entered.

Good luck!

Terms & Conditions: For each $10 of goods spent in The Red Cow online shop (postage excluded, refunds and discounts excluded) the user will receive one entry into the draw to win 1 of 10 Swiss cheese pocket knives. Sales between 4th January and 31 January 2018 (AEST) will be counted. Only applicable to stocked items (backorder items are excluded). Accumulated entries over multiple purchases are possible based on the user’s email address. Winners will be informed via email by end of February 2018. Prizes will be sent to winner’s registered billing address of the first purchase during the promotion period.

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Recipe: Hash browns with vegetables & Seiler Bratkäse

Our friends from Seiler in Sarnen in Switzerland gave us this excellent recipe I thought I’d share with you. Try it out!



  • 800g peeled and boiled potatoes, roughly grated
  • 1 minded onion
  • 150g carrots, finely grated
  • 1/2 leek, sliced
  • 1 tbsp salt
  • Pepper
  • 80g butter or oil
  • 150g Seiler Bratkäse


Put all ingredients (except butter and cheese) in one bowl. Add salt and pepper. Heat the butter in a frying pan, around 24cm diameter* Stir fry the mix of potatoes and vegetables on medium heat for 15 to 20 minutes until golden-yellow. Put half of the potato-mix back into the bowl and build the other half into a cake. Distribute the cheese slices evenly on the cake and put the rest of the potatoes on top of the cheese. Bake on both sides for another 5 to 10 minutes until you get a nice crust. Arrange on a plate and enjoy!

*the size of the pan is important as the ‘cake’ should be more high than flat.

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Festive Cheese – December News

Ham: check, Seafood: check, Pavlova: check. But have you thought about cheese for your Christmas function?

We’re obviously biased – but – think about how much time you need to prepare a fabulous looking cheese platter? Right, almost none! Plus everyone loves cheese, so it’s an easy crowd pleaser. Below are some of our tips on how to create an amazing cheese platter:

  • Less is more
    Don’t think you’ll have to have 1 of everything. 3 to 4 amazing cheeses go further than many more average ones.
  • Don’t go for what you think people might like
    Create something you like and stand by it. A slightly quirky cheese board is always a good conversation point plus people actually like to discover new things, they may just need a little encouragement.
  • Go for quality
    Needless to say that quality is important. You don’t have to have a huge amount of cheese, but it should be of great quality. When presenting it to the guest, explain what is what and mention that you went the extra way. Your guest will love it! For general guidance you calculate with approx. 30g per cheese per person if presented alongside other food.
  • Ask your cheesemonger what’s currently great
    Many cheeses are best at certain times (seasonality, ripeness, etc.) and at this time of the year many retailers have special cheeses they don’t carry all year round. Ask them what they recommend.
  • Go easy with the accompaniments
    Accompaniments like fruit, pastes, nuts and reductions – when chosen right – are great. But keep it to one or two and when possible make it cheese specific (e.g. a local honey to drizzle on to that blue cheese you bought)
  • Bread or Crackers?
    We’re Euros, so for us it will always be crusty bread. Your choice though.
  • Plating up
    Here you can be as creative as you like or simply let the cheese speak for itself. We prefer the latter, but that doesn’t mean that some accentuated accompaniments won’t look great on your board (try edible flowers for example).

We’d love to hear your thoughts and see your platters, feel free to email them to us!

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Gruyère AOP Alpage & What to expect at the French Festival in Melbourne – November News

Alpage cheese is made only in the summer months when the cows graze high up in the alpine pastures. Discover our newly arrived 2016 Gruyère AOP Alpage straight from the Swiss mountains.

The Gruyère AOP Alpage is produced in two different areas within the Gruyère region in Switzerland. One in is situated in the Fribourg alps and the other in the Jura mountains. Both productions are unique in the case that they produce high up in the alps where cows can only graze during the summer months. This high altitude grass is lush and bursting with a great variety of herbs and flowers leading to superior milk.

Once the approximately 30kg wheels are made, they are then carefully cared for during the entire maturation. The Gruyère AOP Alpage is definitely a true delight on any cheese board. Discover our 12-months matured, Gruyère AOP Alpage at a retailer near you now. (Note: not all listed retailers may carry this item. Any retailer can purchase it through our distributor, Cheese Culture though).

French Festival 2017 – South Yarra

It’s already our fourth year participating at the picturesque French Festival ‘Paris to Provence’ in the Como House & Garden in South Yarra, Melbourne. This year the 3-day event takes place from Friday, 24 to Sunday 26 November 2017. New this year is that the festival added an interesting side-element called ‘Coco at Como: Mademoiselle’s Life Story’. Aside from this, the festival will be host again to countless market stalls with the most beautiful, French influenced products. Find anything from French Sweets and pastries to – well cheese of course – to non-food items such as jewellery, French Tourism ideas and much more. Also you will find work shops, a kids garden, a Cannes film fest zone and many other things sure to please everyone.

The Red Cow will be offering a range of our artisan Swiss cheeses including our raw milk Sélection Beeler Vacherin Fribourgeois and Willi Schmid’s Jersey Blue along with many others we will surprise you on the day.Plus, this year we will also have a limited stock of Walma’s wonderful Swiss Landjäger (a traditional, semidried Swiss style sausage).

Tickets are available through the festival’s website or on the day at the entrance.

$5 off any of our products at the festival

Would you like a little help during your French Festival shopping? Then download our $5 voucher redeemable during the 2017 French Festival in South Yarra. Simply go through the check-out process and print out the voucher you receive in your email. Voilà $5 are yours. See you in South Yarra!

Happy Gruyère AOP Alpage shopping and happy French Festival!


Owner of The Red Cow.

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Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day 2016

Tomorrow is international Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day and we’ve got quite a line up for you around the country where you can taste amazing #rawmilkcheese tomorrow:




  • Little Cheese Shop, Bayswater/Perth: Tasting/Sale of Rolf Beeler Gruyère, Rolf Beeler Alp Sbrinz and French Roquefort





  • The Stores Westend: Tasting 11 to 2pm of various Swiss raw milk cheese including the Milchzapfen, shaped on a Girolle. Meet our own Tom Merkli there and have a chat to him about why #rawmilkcheese taste better.
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16 April is International Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day

Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation DayHave you ever wondered exactly why raw milk cheese is so important? Have you ever asked yourself why so many of the world’s most famous cheeses (Comté, Swiss Gruyère, Parmigiano-Reggiano, to name a few) are legally required to be made from raw milk?

Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day is your chance to find out what makes these cheeses truly extraordinary. The Oldways Cheese Coalition and the Guilde Internationale des Fromagers are teaming up on Saturday, April 16, 2016, for a worldwide celebration of raw-milk cheese.

The Red Cow is certainly part of this day as we’re Australia’s premier importer of artisan raw milk cheese. Our Sélection Rolf Beeler range including top sellers like the Gruyeère, Toggenburger or Vacherin Fribourgeois are all made from untreated milk so are other cheese we import such as the Milchzapfen, Tête de Moine or Bachtelstein.

So treat yourself with one of these fabulous cheeses from your favourite retailer or from our hand crafted Alpine Express Cheese Box and celebrate the day with us!

Raw Milk Cheese Infographic


Are you a retailer who would like to use our announcement banner? Then find it here. If you require any other formats or visuals, please contact us.

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Thank you for visiting Gruyère AOP at Taste of Sydney

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Thank you for visiting the Gruyère AOP stand at Taste of Sydney…

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** It was great to see you at Taste of Sydney

On behalf of Gruyère AOP we would like to thank you for visiting our stand at Taste of Sydney earlier this month. It’s certainly been a lot of fun handing out this beautiful, Swiss raw milk cheese in the 3 variations Mild, Reserve and Mature to you.
Read more about the unique Gruyère AOP production techniques, recipes and more on the official Gruyère AOP website ( .
Interested in getting cheese straight to your door? Have a look at our Alpine Express online cheese boards ( .

Many people asked us during the festival where they can buy these fantastic Gruyère cheeses. Since the festival the following retailers signed up for the fabulous Gruyère Reserve and Mature cheese:
* Blackwhattle Deli ( , Sydney Fish Market
* Cheese Etc ( , North Sydney
* Supa IGA ( , St Ives

Plus the Gruyère Mild can be found at most supermarkets and Delis. If you’re favourite place doesn’t have it, just let them know about your love for the cheese and tell them that our Gruyère cheese is distributed via Cheese Culture ( .

Finally, since you are now part of our selected cheese newsletter club, we will continue to inform you about cheese related events, raw milk cheese updates & more.

Until then, have a lovely Easter and enjoy those Gruyère AOP.

** (
** (
** (
Copyright © 2016 The Red Cow (Australia) Pty Ltd, All rights reserved.

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